Thursday, 21 September 2017

Frostgrave: Stone Golem

Looking through some of the scenarios from the Folio collection of Frostgrave articles, I quickly, with my rapier like mind, realized that I didn't have a Stone Golem.

I quickly made myself a 60 mm base from cat food box card and went from there.

So I decided I should have a go at making one of my own. Looking through my box of bits I found an appropriately sized miniature of lowly status, and thought how to give it a stony appearance.

For a while I considered GS and a lot of sculpting, but being a busy lad at the moment I decided to go for the simple solution to the problem you see before you.

Yep, I got a load of stones, covered the miniature in PVA and sprinkled.

Although I left the hands to give a little definition. I had already done the head and realized all detail would be obliterated- my only regret with this model is his/her faceless quality ;-)

Then I painted the whole thing black and dry brushed with various shades of grey and eventually white. Covered the whole model in stain, and then dry brushed white again to bring out the stone effect one last time.

The question is, what model did I use?

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Frostgrave: Terrain on an Industrial Scale Pt 2

Update on the Frostgrave Mega terrain bundle deal for Beers of War 3 evening conflagration.
(Not sure that sentence makes sense to be honest)

All the stone sections have been glued into place.

On the fallen wall sections I decided to use some larger 20 mm squares.

Next stage is to start filling the edges with PVAcrete to give texture and strength.

I also drew out the 30 mm strips I would be cutting from the hardboard I have for the bases.

All the bits cut and "stoned", so to speak.

The very slow process of edging in PVAcrete is next. I could use a glue gun, but I have never been that keen on the finish and its more costly and less strong, also I prefer the texture you get with the sand.

After the PVAcreting has been done I'll glue them to their bases. It is easier to add the stone shaped card bits and the PVAcrete, in the past I have stuck the walls to the base first, but after a moment or two I realized it was time for a change. Still gonna be a ball ache to complete them all.
Back in a day or two :-)

Sunday, 17 September 2017

New Saga 2018

Just been given the heads up on a new version of Saga coming out in 2018 which has me very interested see it here.

Image result for saga rules

Cheers Ian :-)

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Frostgrave: Terrain on an Industrial Scale (ish)

For the last three days I have been working on a shed load of terrain for Frostgrave. We're hoping to put on 5 to 8 tables at the next Beers of War 3 Tournament in Wakefield, as we're doing an evening of gaming after the main tournament till 12 Midnight.

So designs first, on a bit of cat food box card :-)

By the end I should have created between 60 and 70 pieces of scatter terrain of various sizes. Obviously this early stage is the easy bit.

Templates made and cutting beginning.

Drawing out the individual pieces using the template.

Cutting the pieces up.

Loads of left overs, these will go in a bag for later.

Template incorporating all three designs for the basic walls, lots of variety.

Lots of coffee and snacks later.

Every template I ever make, I always keep- unless it proves to be rubbish.

The next day, hence the lighting alteration :-)

Cloisters all cut.

Archways and damaged arches all done.

Fallen wall sections.

Making lots of card bricks to be glued on.

Could be a work of modern art....ish.

So next post will show you where I am with the build, I am really focusing on these at the moment because I want them done well before the event.
So sorry in advance if this week coming is a bit Frostgrave Terrain heavy.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Saga: First Greek Warrior Unit

Here are my first 8 Greek Hoplitai (Warriors) for Saga, which I have had to re-work but not paint from scratch, thankfully.
I built the base from cat food box card and PVAcrete, as usual. Then I did a lot of highlighting which hadn't been done on the models previously and extra details, finally finishing off with a darkening wash all over.

I re-painted the shield design as well, it was a bit basic, but while not historically correct it looks better now.

I have already sounded out my friend Mick about playing and he's keen, so need to get these done quickly.